What is root access

What is root access

In this article we will try to explain to you what the Root rights, which features and enhancements they provide.

Root rights – This superuser in the Android operating system, with root access, you can do anything. Below is a small list of examples:

  • To delete or transfer system applications
  • Edit / delete system files
  • manage startup
  • Porting applications to the memory card, including system
  • To block ads in apps
  • To increase the CPU clock (OVERCLOCKING)
  • Use applications requiring multiple root privileges, such as applications for video recording smartphone screen
  • With knowledge of UNIX systems, you are not restricted

Useful information for those who wish to gain root on Android

How to check root.

Remove root privileges you can at any moment. Most programs to gain root lead to the removal.

List of programs for Root rights available here.

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