Phicomm C1530L how to Hard reset

Phicomm C1530L how to Hard reset

You think about how to Hard reset on Phicomm C1530L? There are 2 ways to make a hard reset (wipe data). The first option is a little easier and faster the second, the second version will be useful to those who have forgotten the password, pattern or PIN from a smartphone.

What is a Hard Reset on Android

It is reset to the factory and cleaning of internal memory. Before you do a hard reset, be sure to save all your important files and contacts on the removable media or downloaded to the cloud.

Wipe data on Android

Let’s start with the easy option. Go to settings -gt; Backup and ResetReset.

Another variant:

If you were not able to repeat the first option, but the second instruction to the 100% result, it’s a bit more complicated.


  • Switch off the mobile device or remove the battery back and insert if it does not turn off;
  • At the same time, hold and hold the volume up button and the Power button to enter the Recovery Menu;
  • When the logo appears on the screen – release the power button but hold the volume up button;
  • You’ve come to Android Recovery menu. Move on the menu is made with the volume, the power button confirms the selection buttons;
  • select item «Wipe data / factory reset» – means to erase all the data;
Phicomm C1530L how to Hard reset
  • You are taking Yes – delete all user data to confirm;
  • The cleaning process will be carried out for some time, then you are redirected to the Recovery menu;
  • select item Reboot system now;

You do Hard reset on Phicomm C1530L. All passwords and unlock removed. If you have any questions leave them through the comments system.

Phicomm C1530L how to Hard reset video

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