How to remove the right to Root Android


How to remove the right to Root Android

This article tells how remove root access to Android device. Everyone has different reasons for removing the root, someone wants to carry the phone in service for repairs and not to lose the warranty removes root privileges, and someone they seem insecure or just bored.

than getting root? List of current programs to become root

How to check root

How to remove root

The first option and the most reliable

Connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your PC and make reflash Android. Then make full reset / wipe on Android, if you have any problems with the device.

option two

If you have installed on your smartphone Root SuperSU, go to the settings of the application and make a "Complete removal Root".

If you have rights in addition Root custom Recovery – you can remove it by doing the re-programming of a certain section Recovery.

The third option

  • Download and Install Root Browser Lite application, you can find it in the Google Play Market.
  • Remove the Root rights
  • Open the Root Browser Lite
  • Change directory to / system / app
  • remove SuperSu.apk
  • Change directory to / system / bin
  • Busybox delete files or su or .su
  • Go to the directory / system / xbin
  • Busybox delete files, su, and .su folder if the data files and folders exist
  • Restart the mobile device
  • Go to the app and click SuperSu "remove Root" (If the application has been installed)
  • If you have installed a custom Recovery, then I recommend you do reflash Android.